Art Hack Day, Brooklyn NYC February 28 - March 2

February 25, 2013 (via Core77) - Over 50 artists, designers, and hackers will be assembling in Brooklyn New York's 319 Scholes gallery space for an Art Hack Day and following exhibition. It is an exercise in collaborative development leveraging technology, design, and art. The theme is "God mode," a popular feature included in many games that endows a user with temporary invincibility. The Art Hack Day will focus on this theme of invincibility and how it applies to "backdoors" integrated into modern technology that enables eavesdropping on our everyday communications.

It seems like a particularly relevant theme in the wake of Arron Swartz' tragic hounding and subsequent suicide at the hands of corporate special interests and their servants in our allegedly representative government, and the roll-out of RIAA and MPAA "6 strikes" intellectual property scam, which will surely leverage this "invincibility" to enforce their contrived, self-serving legislation. 

See the Art Hack Day website for more information.