Interview: “More Than Music” with Rebel Diaz

Hip Hop group fosters community with arts collective - "don't just oppose, propose," create alternatives to unjust system. 

April 16, 2013 (Boiling Frogs-Stop Imperialism) - This week, Eric sits down with hip hop group Rebel Diaz for a wide ranging discussion on a number of topics. Eric and the guys discuss the political and class nature of hip hop and why we should be wary of romanticizing the legacy of resistance in the genre. They also tell us about the Rebel Diaz Art Collective (RDAC) and the politically motivated assault against the space. Later, Eric and the guys explore the legacy of Hugo Chavez and the global impact he had. Specifically, they examine the importance of the Bolivarian Revolution both in the context of Latin America and poor people around the world.

Rebel Diaz (RodStarz & G1) is an independent hip hop group based in the Bronx, New York. They are activists and community organizers as well as respected performers with fans all over the world. Follow all their work at Donate to their IndieGoGo campaign here

Editor's Note: Rebel Diaz' Art Collective was raided and shut down. A fundraiser for a new space in the Bronx has already begun - see here.