December 2012 - 3D Printing Headlines

Congressman calls for ban on 3D printed guns (BoingBoing) - The system is predictably threatened and now reacting to the advent of 3D printing - Cory Doctorow examines the possible measures the system might take to stop "3D printed guns" and correctly concludes they represent "authoritarianism, censorship, and wishful thinking."

Are personal 3D printers the next personal computers? (Digital Trends) - Rob Enderle draws parallels between the development of the personal computer market in the 80's and the emergence and rise of 3D printing today. The article gives people new to the concept of 3D printing some good basic background information and some food for though as to where this revolution is headed.

Image: Stratasys is a Minnesota company that sells 3D printers for commercial customers. It has also joined the U.S. National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute aimed at boosting the use of 3D printing in mainstream manufacturing. (CREDIT: Stratasys, Inc.)

Why 3D Printing Matters for 'Made in USA' (Live Science) - While this article cites the US government's "bet on a manufacturing innovation network," and perhaps indicates how big business and government are attempting to head off their imminent obsolescence, the overarching theme is the revolution of manufacturing and keeping jobs locally by leveraging technology. Many interesting points are covered, as well as insight given into centralized government's response to the emerging 3D printing paradigm.