A Call For Projects & Solutions

February 13, 2014 (LocalOrg/Tony Cartalucci) - After much neglect, it is time to start putting effort back into LocalOrg - responses to the work featured here throughout the past have been both positive and enthusiastic. People are beginning to realize what the problems are but are now wondering what to do about them. People are hungry for real solutions - not politics, not elections, not even mere protests.

Image: Building local institutions to solve local problems, of the people, by the people, for the people. 

Starting with organic rice farming initiatives in Thailand featured this month - LocalOrg will begin examining and promoting projects from around the world that focus on pragmatism and localism. If you have a project or proposal, please send it either through the contact form here, or to cartalucci@gmail.com.

To give readers some ideas of what sort of projects, proposals, or concepts LocalOrg is looking for, consider the following categories:

  • DIY projects like found on Instructables or Hack-a-Day
  • Opensource software/hardware
  • Hackerspaces/Makerspaces/FabLabs 
  • DIYBio
  • Community gardens 
  • Organic farming/hydroponics
  • Farm-to-city markets
  • Farmers' Markets 
  • Charity/social welfare 
  • Health/Medicine 
  • Infrastructure 
  • New technology 
  • Cottage industries
  • Open course education
  • Opensource entertainment and arts
There is no preferred format for submissions - simply state whether you would like to use your real name or a pen name. This is not an all inclusive list. All proposals and projects will be reviewed. An upcoming feature includes a reader-submitted concept regarding permaculture vs. GMO mega-agriculture, including a look at practices in Thailand and some thoughts from a biotech expert.