About Us

LocalOrg seeks to explore local solutions to global problems by empowering people locally with education and technology to not only survive, but to thrive.

In the polarized world of politics where people are divided by anger, fear, and ignorance, there is common ground...

...clean air, clean water, healthy, accessible food, a pragmatic education, and the technical means to provide the best possible healthcare, income, and infrastructure to one's self and their community...

LocalOrg attempts to set aside political paradigms and seeks pragmatic, technical, and permanent solutions:
  • Instead of arguing over "free markets" vs "wealth redistribution" - wealth redistribution through local entrepreneurship.   
  • Instead of rationing healthcare or leaving it to the whims of private insurance companies - expand the number of doctors, nurses, biomedical designers and engineers through education and technology to reduce the disparity between supply and demand, thereby lowering costs. 
  • Instead of food stamps vs. austerity - locally produced food that creates food security as well as jobs and abundance for all members of the community.
  • Instead of "sustainable living" and worries of "overpopulation" - leveraging technology to provide resource abundance. 
Not all of the links on LocalOrgs will lead to apolitical, pragmatic solutions. Not all links are devoid of connections to the very corporate-financier interests driven to divide people politically - however all these links contain information that can be used to piecemeal create better, stronger, more advanced local communities, and eventually, drain the swamps of greed and power that have mired human progress for so long. 

LocalOrg is now maintained by a group of authors, designers, engineers, and thinkers from North America, Europe, and Asia. If you'd like to contribute, please contact us.